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Sell your unwanted dance related articles here.

The potential buyers will contact you directly. Your ad will remain on the board until sold. Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard, cheques and postal orders accepted.

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Sellers beware of fraudsters!

Sellers beware of FRAUDSTERS who offer to buy an item and send you a (bad!) cheque for much more then it is worth, then requesting that you give them change in another cheque. They typically insist they would send their own courier to collect your goods shortly before you realize you got a bad cheque.

Some fraudsters also offer to pay by PayPal, but be aware that PayPal payments can be reversed!

If anyone refers to your dress as "an item" it indicates he/she do not even know what item they are talking about as they send hundreds of such emails every day. Do not even engage into any conversation with such people.

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