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To cope with the ever increasing number of incoming ads, we have split them into further subsections by age, sex and dance experience. We offer two types of service

  • Free service: New ads are added on top of each category on this board once a week as time allows. We regret we can't answer your individual questions such as "when will my ad appear?" Please return to this page in approx 7 days and check it out. There is a limit of 100 words per ad and we can take max. of five free ads per person per year, so write your ad carefully and do not forget the specify how to contact you.

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  • Paid service: You can also add a photo to your ad to increase your chances of getting noticed. Your ad will be added to the board within 2-3 days and you will be notified by e-mail when it happens. There is a limit of 200 words per ad. There is £15.00 fee for this service.

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Both types of ads stay on the board for 1 year or till you remove them.

To remove your ad from this board - please send a message to and quote your advert reference no. And please tell us if your search was successful! Thank you

Warning: When you place an ad with your email address on this board - it will be visible to the entire internet population and you may receive unwanted messages unrelated to dancing (spam). Sadly there is nothing we can do to prevent it. If you are concerned about receiving spam on your main email address we suggest that you create another email account on services like,, or similar for use with your advert only

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