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George Garcia & Christy Cote Argentine Tango: Vals Vol I and II

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Buy both DVDs and save £20.00 Argentine Tango: Vals, vol.I-II. Set of 2 DVDs Prepare yourself for the Milongas (dance halls) by mastering all three of the Argentine Trio: Tango, Milonga and Vals. Christy Cote & George Garcia?s teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is exquisite. All 10 figures have been created to work beautifully in a waltz rhythm. The Vals video/DVD starts with a clear explanation of Vals musicality and how the Tango figures are applied to it. As with any type of waltz, the music is played in ? time at a slow, medium or fast tempo. Christy and George?s teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is exquisite. The instruction is completely in English and is professionally produced in an organized one-on-one format like a private lesson, making this video/DVD clear and easy to comprehend. All figures on this videos/DVDs are demonstrated as the Leader, as the Follower and together. The stage is large enough to show complete patterns. The camera work does not focus primarily on the dancers feet. This provides an opportunity to see the upper body leading and following which is missing from many other tango videos and is actually the most important aspect. This collection is highly recommended for dancers taking up authentic Argentine Tango, as well as for experienced tango dancers as a refresher course.
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