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Latin Technique and Muscular Exercises with Shirley Ballas

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Rumba: 1) Forward Walks. 2) Backward Walks. 3) Cucaracha - (using a figure 8). 4) Rumba exercise. Cha cha: 5) Forward Walks and Lock. 6) Backward Walks and Lock. 7) Settling. 8) Compact chasse. 9) Cha cha exercise. Samba: 10) Basic bounce and hip action, 11) Whisks. 12) Voltas. 13) Bota Fogos. 14) Cruzados Walks and locks. 15) Samba exercise. Paso Doble: 16) Posture. 17) Oval shape. 18) Walks. 19) Wrist movements. 20) Paso Doble exercise. Jive: 21) Chasse to the right and left. 22) Slip step. 23) Flick chasse. 24) Kick exercises. 25) Jive exercises. Color, 80 min. Also available on DVD!
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